Identify, plan and respond to issues, reputation risks and crises from your internal and external environment.

We partner with clients to help them identify issues and reputation risks and respond effectively to maintain business continuity, manage the expectations of staff, stakeholders and customers, and protect reputation.

Issues and crises can arise from mistakes, malfunctions, natural and human disasters including technology glitches, legal and regulatory issues, policy breaches or failing to meet the expectations of stakeholders.

OUR EXPERIENCE INCLUDES:pyc-icons_resized_drop-shadowsartboard-34x

  • Developing the crisis communication framework for the global communications function at top-five listed Australian company supported by a full preparation manual, toolkit and training program.
  • Leading the integrated internal and external communication response by one of New Zealand’s largest banks to a tragic earthquake which forced the closure of 26 branches and impacted thousands of customers and about 700 local staff.
  • Overseeing the communications strategy and delivery for enterprise bargaining and work value negotiations by Federal and state government agencies to maintain constructive dialogue with unions and staff confidence in the process.
  • Communication advice and implementation in relation to sensitive issues such as the offshoring of roles to India and the Philippines, closure of state-based facilities, environmental contamination, fee increases, technology and service disruptions, data privacy compromises, ATO investigations and safety issues.
  • Strategic communication advice and delivery to organisations to protect reputation and maintain stakeholder confidence in the face of criticism from non-government organisations, activists, unions and individuals.