Cut through any waffle and get your point across

To engage in effective communication you need to be able to get to your point.

Whether you’re using storytelling or another approach, it’s essential to be clear about what you want people to think and feel.

This means not only being clear about what your point is, but also knowing the best way to get it across.

So how to make the point of this post?

By finishing it!

What does effective communication mean to you?
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Mairi Barton is a strategic communication and public affairs leader who has influenced and delivered outcomes at the highest levels of the Australian corporate, government and non-profit sectors. Mairi is the founder and Chief Executive of strategic communication agency Pinch Yourself Communication. She is an award-winning former journalist who served in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery in Canberra. Mairi enjoys photography and posts to her Instagram gallery: @pinchmyself