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Dialogue is the Pinch Yourself Communication blog.

As the name suggests, Dialogue is a conversation about business communication.

Dialogue: a conversation between two or more people; to take part in a conversation or discourse to resolve a problem; an exchange of ideas, opinions or beliefs on a particular topic

Our aim is to help business leaders by exploring practical aspects of communication. This includes discussing best practice strategy and tactics, communication trends and developments, tools and tips, and insights from leading practitioners.

We hope participating in the Dialogue adds value for you and your business. We can all learn and progress through discussing communication issues and approaches.

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Mairi Barton is a Melbourne-based strategic communication and public affairs leader who has influenced and delivered outcomes at the highest levels of the Australian corporate, government and non-profit sectors. She is an award-winning former journalist who worked in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery in Canberra. Mairi currently operates her own strategic communication consulting firm: Pinch Yourself Communication. A writer and blogger, Mairi is currently writing a memoir about her father's life and she blogs from time to time about creative life via her personal blog: pinchmyself.org She also enjoys photography and posts pictures most days to her Instagram gallery: @pinchmyself